Old Man Hawkeye Hits A Bullseye

Old Man Hawkeye Eyes His Own Spotlight!

Old Man Hawkeye Marvel Comics

This week Marvel dips back into one of its most classic tales for a little expansion. Because if there’s one thing they won’t do, it’s leave any potential to capitalize on a good idea. And that may turn into a compliment. Also, that’s not something DC shies away from either *cough* Doomsday Clock *cough*. This time the House of Ideas is promising a revisit to a darker time. To a future where Mark Millar and Steve McNiven first introduced us to an aging mutant. To the time of Old Man Logan, albeit a few years before in…Old Man Hawkeye #1 (Fifth rule of publishing comics: If the title sold, don’t change it).

In case you’ve forgotten the world into which you’re entering, here’re the deets: The super heroes have fallen. Alright, most all of them have been brutally killed. The country has been divided into states controlled by super villains.  Among the wastelands lives Clint Barton – the eponymous Old Man Hawkeye!  But it’s been forty-five years, and he’s no Avenger anymore. Trying to eke out a living as muscle for hire, the former Hawkeye/Ronin/Goliath/”Hawk-guy”, now simply known as Clint Barton, is confronted with a startling discovery:  the sharpshooter is going blind.  With time running short, Clint realizes there’s one last thing he wants to see: revenge for his fallen comrades-in-arms.

There’s a lot of room on the shelves for excellent alternatives the continuity maddening menace that the Big Two provide hefty doses of every Wednesday. Take a look at the success of something like Batman: White Knight for proof of that puddin’. So, hey, why not squeeze this lemon one more time and see what we got left? Hawkeye’s one the best parts of the original saga. And fans have clamored for more from these Wastelands for years. Let’s see if the old man has one more bullseye left in him.

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