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Wednesday August 7th 2013

…is a Wednesday and it’s another GLORIOUS New Comic Day.  Let’s take a gander at some of the highlights hitting the FP shelves. My top picks: Trillium, Catalyst Comix, Sidekicks

Paul Pope Cover, Diamond Comics #6
Indie Comics

Diamond Comics #6

In Stock and highly recommended, Diamond Comics #6! What is Diamond Comics? It’s a newspaper of experimental comics that blurs the lines between the worlds of illustration, graphic design, and comics. Inspired by similar experimental […]

Tree of Libery print by Paul Pope for the CBLDF
Other Topics

LOOKEE! for 1/28/11

Outrageous astronomical SF film goofs from Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy blogger for Discover magazine. Donate or renew your Comic Book Legal Defense Fund membership at the Protector or Champion level and receive a limited edition, […]

Geek Couture

Boss Hog Tee by Paul Pope

My new object of desire after checking in on Paul’s flickr page for the first time in weeks… I’m a humongous fan of all parties involved, so every collaboration between them sends my heart aflutter. […]