Val’s Toy Chest- New NECA, Restocked DC and More!

One of the most anticipated sequels of the year is now a brand new toy line from NECA- Blade Runner 2049! If you ever wanted a mini Ryan Gosling or a NECA Harrison Ford, this line is for you. Reprising his role as Deckard for the new film, NECA has crafted a gorgeous figure based on Harrison Ford’s likeness, the other figure, Officer K is based on Ryan Gosling’s visage. The fact that there is any Blade Runner merchandise at all is pretty impressive as it’s been my understanding that rights to the original film have been pretty hard for toy companies to obtain.

NECA has also crafted a two and a half foot foam figure of one of Marvel’s most recent cinematic superstars- Groot! As seen in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Groot has been a fan-favorite and now you can have a really cool foam figure of him in your collection. Just in case I hadn’t mentioned him in a previous column, the last of the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/4 Scaled action figures has arrived with the release of that party dude- Michelangelo!  Mikey comes equipped with several interchangeable hands, his trademark nunchakus, a slice of pizza and even a bag of pork rinds. Complete your TMNT set today!

Some of the DC Collectibles DC Icons will be back in stock this week including the following: Aquaman, Atomica, John Stewart, Superman, Firestorm and Harley Quinn, along with the DC Films Superman figure. Speaking of DC films, the Mattel Multiverse figures from the highly anticipated Justice League film have arrived and the Flash has been the fastest seller of the set. As of this writing I still have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman in stock. Collect all 6 and you get to build the villain of the film- Steppenwolf.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, her film came out on physical home media last week after an impressive run at the movies. In tandem with that, the remainder of our Hot Toys shipment of Diana as she was seen in Batman V Superman should likely be here by the end of this week. Having the figure in my personal collection, I will tell you right now- if you liked her solo film, this is one figure you won’t want to pass up, the sculpt is beautiful, the costuming and the accessories are all very nicely detailed.

Hasbro held a convention a few weeks back called Hascon and I neglected to mention it here, but they did show off a variety of new Marvel Legends for 2018. Black Bolt, King Cobra, Psylocke, a brand new Mohawk Storm, Yellow outfit Wolverine and more will be some teasers of what we can expect in the 6″ Marvel line.

Anyway- that’s all for me this time- catch you soon!

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