Val’s Toy Chest- Runnin’ From This Nightmare

“The Man of Your Dreams Is Back!” was one of the taglines for 1985’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge. It just so happens that this week- Freddy is back- on our toy shelves that is. Famous movie monster Freddy Krueger has returned with a brand new figure from NECA as well as a gorgeous Premium Format figure from Sideshow Collectibles. The Freddy from NECA features Robert Englund’s famous nightmarish visage from Elm Street 2 along with several true to film accessories and interchangeable parts. Freddy comes with his two nightmare guard dogs, three different heads including one with an exposed brain, two different gloved hands and a fire effect from the pool scene in Elm Street 2. It all comes attractively packaged in a window box package featuring the classic poster art from Elm Street 2. If your Freddy tastes range a little bit more expensively, the Premium Format figure from Sideshow Collectibles is quite the attractive piece. Mixing cloth and resin, Freddy stands atop a boiler room inspired base ready to cut into your very worst nightmares with his metal tipped razor glove. That’s not all- we still have limited stock on the 12″ Freddy action figure that Sideshow released last year as well as the brand new Funko 8-Bit Freddy Krueger POP vinyl which puts the Man of Your Dreams in a whole new dimension. With Toy Fair on the horizon, I wonder what other Nightmare on Elm Street items we might see. ¬†Freddy really has made us his children now.

If terror in your dreams isn’t something you want to feed, there’s some other items of note coming in, including some long-awaited POPs as well as the latest DC wave from Mattel.

Funko POP– Everyone’s favorite Slayer is back and she’s brought some new friends along with the 20th Anniversary Buffy the Vampire Slayer POPs- scheduled to arrive thus far are: Faith, Xander, Giles and Buffy, who will be dressed in her “Prophecy Girl” outfit from the end of Season 1. Faith comes armed with a crossbow, while Giles wields a cross in his classic tweed suit and Xander has a chase figure which depicts him after Caleb maims him at the end of Season 7. No word on Dark Willow yet, but I expect these to fly out of here, so stake your claim ASAP! Other POPs of note: James Bond POPs have finally all arrived as well as Mad Max Fury Road, some of the 8-bit figures including a Xenomorph and a pair of Turtles and the Specialty Series POP of Rose from Star Wars: The Last Jedi dressed in her Imperial Disguise.


DC Multiverse– As I mentioned in the previous column, DC Multiverse should be here soon- it looks like this week is the week- Jessica Cruz, Martian Manhunter, Two-Face, Rebirth Superman and Batwoman comprise the series. Collect all 5 to build a Clayface figure which looks amazing. I don’t expect Jessica Cruz to last very long so definitely grab her when you see her. Batwoman should also be a hot item since there has been a surprisingly small amount of figures based on her character. Speaking of Multiverse, there have been reports of another wave of figures hitting Canada thus far- this is a newly announced live-action wave which features a John Wesley Shipp Flash from the 1990 series, as well as a Val Kilmer Batman Forever figure. There is also supposed to be a Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman figure but there have been no sightings of her yet. The winner for me thus far is the Shipp Flash as they got his likeness really well. Once I find out more about this series, I will try to get some in to the store, so I will keep you posted.

NECA– NECA’s newest 1/4 scale figures are here including Kratos from the most recent God of War game as well as Spider-Man from Spider-Man Homecoming. Each figure is well-sculpted and pretty much what we’ve come to expect from NECA’s 1/4 scale offerings, Spider-Man looks especially nice. There is also the neat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ooze Canister Prop Replica which is pretty cool. It lights up and comes with a small container of ooze, for extra play value.

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