Venom Inc Oozes Onto The Shelves This Week!

The Doors To Venom Inc Are Open. Will You Apply?

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The world according to Peter Parker a.k.a The Spectacular Amazing Spider-Man is complicated on a good day. Well, Ol’ Pete’s having a lot of bad days lately. With a disgraced name and his bank account breaking down the one thing Peter Parker can count on is being Spider-Man. He’ll get to fight a good fight, beat up some bad guys, and quip a bit while he does it. Until today. His best friend and his worst enemy are both about to get caught up in the kind of threat only the Avengers can handle. Except they’re nowhere in sight yet. The beginning of the next Spidey epic, Venom Inc, starts here!

Eddie Brock has been back bonded to his sybmiote brother from another space mother and has of yet to cross paths with his arch nemesis in the blue and red threads. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson, the former bonding brother with Venom gets wind of a new enemy hunting symbiotes and turns to his best bud for help. Except even ol’ webhead may not matter to the made men and their hunting. Now, all four, friends, foes, and inky black alien life-forms alike, will have to band together in the face of extinction. Yeah, they’re pretty screwed…Oh, and how the heck did Dan Slott, Mike Costa, and Ryan Stegman figure the Looter into this? Who gives a flipping flip about the Looter?

Marvel has promised no big company-wide crossovers for the next year and change. And here we are, in the third month of this next age of storytelling from the House of Ideas, witness to another mini-crossover. Amazing Spider-Man and Venom are going to have to play nice this month. Fortunately, having read an advance copy of part one, Venom Inc looks like it has the making for a classic Spider-Man saga.

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