Moon Girl Becomes A Member Of The Fantastic Three?

Lunella Lafayette Answers The Call! Get Ready For...The Fantastic Three?

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Marvel Legacy

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur has been one of Marvel Comics’ brightest spots throughout it’s two year run. There’s an argument to be made that the adventures of Lunella Lafayette and her tyrannosaurus rex bestie has been the consistently highest quality series offered by the publisher. Against some odds, she broke out at a time when it felt like so many new characters were failing to get out of the gates. Now, the next chapter in her story is going to be written in Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #25 which slides onto shelves this week.

What’s the scoop on this all-new arc, perfect jumping on point? Why it’s the simplest of simples: The Fantastic Three! Okay, wait, let’s back up for a second. The Silver Surfer is coming to Manhattan with a warning. An ancient cosmic menace is on a collision course with our world. Here’s the issue though, there’s no Fantastic Four around to help Silver Surfer deal with this threat. Is Earth doomed? Well, not if a certain young lady named Lunella Lafayette has anything to say about it! But Lunella is without Devil Dinosaur by her side, so she’s going to have to team up with some new friends who are missing pals, too: The Human Torch and The Thing! Now, you get the whole cutesy Fantastic Three name? Figured you would. If you need it spelled out for you just buy the book. I’m going to. We can trade notes!

And let’s be frank, one of the biggest promises of the Marvel Legacy is the return of the Fantastic Four. I mean, it was one of the biggest talking points after reading Marvel Legacy #1. And there’s not a single reason to doubt that that road to reunion of the Marvel’s First Family is going to kick off here with, chronicled in the series of the world’s smartest person. Start on the road back this Wednesday. Excelsior!


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