The Punisher Becomes A War Machine

Frank Castle Evolves Into A War Machine!

Punisher Marvel Legacy War Machine

Frank Castle is having a helluva November in 2017. This week, he’s going to take front and center on small screens in every household with a Netflix account. That’s right, The Punisher’s solo television series is finally here! And in predictable (not in a bad way either) fashion, Marvel is rolling out a brand new ongoing comic series the same week. It’s just smart business. The good fortune for hardcore, casual, and new fans is that both series are primed to be hits! Two words you’ve heard over and over again, and they’re worth repeating: War Machine.

Frank Castle has been a one-man war against criminals. As much of a psychopath other Marvel characters like to label him as, he’s always had a soft spot for defending the innocent. Especially when kids are involved. In the opening salvo from this new series penned by Marvel’s rising star, Matthew Rosenberg, the Punisher is offered the chance to take his fight global with the help of a certain resource: the War Machine armor!

Every now and then you have to shake up the status quo. Marvel Legacy was sold to comic book readers and retailers as a fresh jumping on point with fresh directions for their characters. So far, it’s been pretty hit and miss based on those expectations. The best books thus far have lived up to the promise. The Punisher #218 looks to be one of the brighter spots in this entire initiative from the House of Ideas. With a fresh creative team and an intriguing new direction for a cult hero character, there’s little to trip up readers, no matter what level of fandom, with this book.

How long will this new direction last? Will this be the end of the neighborhood boogey man who strikes fear into New York’s criminal underworld? How will the world tour of punishment fare? There’s only one way to find out: Read it!


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