The Second Last Jedi Trailer is Here

Phasma/Finn fight! Emo Ren Scars! Luuuke! Porgs.

Star Wars the Last Jedi Millennium Falcon Porg Penguin creature

Here’s the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi… just in case you were meditating on a remote island in a corner of another Galaxy that no one can find without a dumb space map or, y’know, otherwise occupied when it broke last night:

Personally? I’m as conflicted in my feelings on this one as an apprentice struggling against the Dark Side of The Force. But then again I wasn’t as impressed by The Force Awakens’ non-teaser trailer either and I ended up loving that entry more than most Star Wars fans I know.

And I’ll leave the Porg love/hate debate to the rest of the internet today.

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