Dark Nights Metal #3 Threatens Tearing The DCU Apart!

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The Dark Multiverse has been unleashed upon the heroes of the DC Universe. The Dark Knight has caused an impending catastrophe. Bruce Wayne has vanished. Superman and Wonder Woman are seemingly drained of life. The Bat God, Barbatos, has brought his arm of nightmare Batmen into the core world of the DC Multiverse. Where is Batman? What happened to Baby Darkseid? Will the Justice League be able to track down a weapon that will keep the evil forces of the Dark Multiverse at bay? All of these questions and probably more may be addressed, while we’re assaulted with new intrigue, when Dark Nights: Metal #3 storms the shelves this week!

There have been no shortage of epic stories in DC this year. On one end of the spectrum is the impending Doomsday Clock for Superman that begins next month. But right now we are reaching the halfway point of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s heart stopping Dark Nights: Metal. Are there too many big time storylines trying to claim our dollars and our time? Not if they’re all going to be this good!

One of the greatest strengths to Metal has been its reverence for the history of iconic characters like Batman, Hawkman, and the DC Multiverse. Indeed, it’s an event that hinges a lot upon the legacy of the DC Universe and has not shied away from tying together both new and old story threads. The kind of respect to stories like The Return of Bruce Wayne, Krona’s story of how he discovered the multiverse, and tying it into the New 52 run on Batman has been intricate and ingenious. Without a doubt, this story will only get better upon subsequent reads. Isn’t that what we crave for in our stories?

Now, the stakes are raising. The situation becomes more dire by the moment. How badly do you want to see what this creative team has in store for the midway turning point? Me? Oh, I’ll be putting this comic on the top of my buy pile. Want to take a ride?


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