Val’s Toy Chest- Gift Guide Part 3- DC Comics

We are just a few days away from Christmas, so here’s one last gift guide for y’all before the main event. This time, the focus will be on items from the license that is near and dear to me- DC Comics! I will split it up by manufacturer, so let’s check what we have out!

DC Collectibles– DC’s in-house collectibles division has slowed down on their action figure lines this year, but there are still some notable figures still available on our shelves- DC TV fans have the season 3 version of The Flash, as well as Legends of Tomorrow’s White Canary and the Atom, Kid Flash and John Constantine plus restocks on Arsenal, Diggle and Malcolm Merlyn, in case you missed any of those. There are also Batman: The Animated Series figures and vehicles like the Batmobile and Batwing, various DC Icons, the DC Bombshells figures and assorted other DC Collectibles figures on our shelves at the moment. DC is still creating statues for their various lines and these include the Justice League statues from the recent film, the gorgeous DC TV Melissa Benoist as Supergirl statue, DC Bombshells Vixen and Killer Frost and Bumblebee amongst others. Definitely come in and check out what we have in our DC display case as there’s more I haven’t even mentioned.

Sideshow/Hot Toys– Fans of higher-end collectibles have a couple of cool choices here- first off, one of DC’s premier bad guys- Darkseid! The Darkseid Premium Format figure features the villainous New God in an imposing stance, ready to bring the forces of Apokolips to Earth. If you prefer heroes, there is also a Green Lantern Hal Jordan Premium Format figure standing atop a base made up of his emerald constructs. Tweeterhead is part of the Sideshow family and they are crafting collectibles that evoke the early classic era of DC Comics, with their Batman 66 line, their forthcoming Super Powers line with designs by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and their Wonder Woman line, based on the classic Lynda Carter TV show. The first Wonder Woman maquette has arrived and she is a beauty. Sculpted to resemble Ms Carter, the Wonder Woman statue would make a great gift for the Amazing Amazon lover in your life. Finally, Hot Toys has been a very popular collectible these last few years and they’ve shown no signs of stopping- currently, the DC figures we have in stock are Harley Quinn, The Joker and Deadshot from 2016’s Suicide Squad film, as well as the Arkham Knight Video Game Batman figure. Each Hot Toys figure is expertly crafted and features stunning details, definitely makes for a sweet present.

Mattel– We mostly have Multiverse figures at the moment, including Legends of Tomorrow‘s Atom and Hawkman, Justice League Batman and Superman and various odds and ends from earlier series. There is also the massive Batmobile toy which features remote control action and other cool featured you can access from a smartphone. Definitely an item for the Batmobile enthusiast in your life.

Funko– Funko POPs make great stocking stuffers and there’s a huge variety of DC characters to choose from, including figures from the comics, recent films Justice League and Wonder Woman, as well as the DC TV shows, we should be receiving a restock on the Flash POP from the Flash TV series hopefully just in time for Christmas, so check back on him if you need him. There is also the Batman 66 action figure line, of which we currently have Yvonne Craig Batgirl and Julie Newmar Catwoman in stock.

Misc.-   Diamond Select has a variety of busts based on the animated iterations of DC characters from Justice League Unlimited and Batman The Animated Series, Square Enix recently released their Play Arts Kai Wonder Woman based on this year’s Gal Gadot vehicle and of course, we carry a variety of other DC items from mugs to shirts, buttons and comics and graphic novels.

That’s all this week- next week is my top 10 figures of the year! See you then!

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