Val’s Toy Chest- The Horror! The Horror!

It’s the first week of October and we all know what that means- Halloween and horror merchandise! There are quite a few items that we have in stock that should make your Halloween season quite memorable. A number of major horror movies from the past 40 years or so have some form of representation on our shelves this Halloween season. Let’s go by year just for fun:

1973- The Exorcist–  Frequently acclaimed as the scariest movie ever made, the story of a young girl possessed by a demon and her subsequent exorcism has terrified audiences for over 40 years now. For fans of the film, Mezco Toyz has created a doll as part of their Living Dead Dolls line based on Regan. Dressed in her floral blue nightgown and sculpted with her scarred face, this Regan doll is sure to give you nightmares.

1978- Dawn of the Dead– George Romero’s 2nd feature in his Dead series has been seen as a critique on consumerism since a lot of the zombie action takes place at a mall. Two of the most memorable zombies also appear as part of Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls- Flyboy and the Plaid Shirt Zombie. Each doll is dressed as they appeared in the film and feature detailed sculpting to spice up your zombie collection.

1978- Halloween– John Carpenter’s story about the Shape who returns to his hometown on Halloween night to kill again has been a holiday favorite for many. The film made a star out of Jamie Lee Curtis and made the name Michael Myers synonymous with the Halloween holiday. Funko has crafted a plush doll based on Michael Myers as part of their horror plush series. Who says horror can’t be cute?

1980- The Shining– Stanley Kubrick adapted this Stephen King story for the big screen and helped cement Jack Nicholson’s place as a memorable movie villain. Funko strikes again with POP vinyls of Jack, Wendy and Danny Torrance. Each POP is done in Funko’s trademark style and even features a Redrum graphic on the window box. Definitely a cool trio to grab for the Stephen King collection.

1984- Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter(Part IV)– Jason Voorhees was one of the most memorable movie monsters back in the 80’s and this was supposed to be his final outing, but you can’t keep a good horror villain down, so he would return two years later in part 6. Jason has been a popular action figure character as well and NECA has a finely crafted figure with multiple heads, weapons and more as part of their ultimate line of figures. This specific figure is based on Jason as he appears in this very film and comes in a cool window box with the original poster art featured on the outer flap.

1987- A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors– Hands down, the fan-favorite of the series, Dream Warriors brought the original’s heroine, Nancy Thompson back to deal with Freddy Krueger once again as he plagues the dreams of the last of the Elm Street children whom are now in a sanitarium. Sideshow Collectibles has added a brand new Freddy Krueger action figure to their 1/6 line and I can tell you pictures do not do this figure justice at all. Sculpted to look like Robert Englund’s Freddy from this film, Freddy comes clad in his iconic sweater and comes with several interchangeable hands including two different gloved ones. If you love Freddy, this figure will be one you won’t want to sleep on.

1988-  Child’s Play– The film that introduced the world to Chucky, a seemingly innocent looking doll inhabited by the spirit of a serial killer thru a voodoo ritual. Chucky has been another one of those long lasting horror characters that audiences just can’t seem to get enough of. NECA has recently acquired the license to produce Child’s Play merchandise and have created a doll in their 8″ retro series. Chucky comes dressed in a fabric outfit and is double packaged in a replica Good Guys box which is sealed in a clamshell.

1998- Bride of Chucky– Chucky returned in 1998 with a girlfriend in tow as Tiffany joined his killing spree. Mezco crafted a large sized talking doll of the horror villainess which had been out of production but is back for the Halloween season. Tiffany comes in her white dress and black leather jacket and speaks select phrases from the movie. Definitely grab one for the Chucky fan in your life.

I’m sure there are dozens more horror films we have represented on our shelves that I haven’t mentioned here, so feel free to come in and take a gander at our toy and book selection- there’s surely something here that’ll spice up your  Halloween month. See you next time!

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