Kick-Ass Is Back To…Well, You Know

This Just In: Mark Millar's got a deal with Netflix! You know what that means? More Kick-Ass!

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Dave Lizewski became the vigilante known as Kick-Ass. The bullied bumbling high schooler became the hero he always dreamed of being…sort of. I mean, for a little while until something would go really wrong and one of his friends or their friends or family would get killed. Dave did get himself a supervillain though. Even found himself in a club of other vigilantes, some of whom he inspired. Now, Dave Lizewski’s out of the picture. Kick-Ass is gone. But damn it, when Netflix comes calling after a dead film franchise, there’s bound to be a new series and here we are with a new Kick-Ass!

That’s not completely fair, I know. When last we saw the crew of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s millenial metropolis filled with lowlives, gangs, and communities at risk, Hit-Girl, was seen standing outside the house of someone with Kick-Ass’s costume. Hit-Girl promised to train him in the ways of being a crusader for justice and freedom…and not getting killed by mobsters. Is this the one and same kid? Probably, I mean it’d be weird if it was some random new person. The big question’s going to be whether or not this new Kick-Ass (Kick-Ass II?) will be able to fill Dave’s shoes. Will he be able to avoid some of the ass kickings Dave had to endure?

You can’t keep a good superhero property down forever. There’s always a comeback, retcon, resurgence or resurrection waiting in the wings. No matter the company, no matter how insulated or overcrowded the universe, the hero will always return in some form or fashion. At Marvel you’ve got a slew coming back including Wolverine and the Fantastic Four. At DC, well, spoilers abound to describe what the heck’s going on in Doomsday Clock. Maybe Robert Kirkman’s Invincible will kick the habit. Probably not forever though, they’re ending six issues shy of a magical one hundred and fifty. Sounds like a great PR play a few years away when the television series hits some airways somewhere. And so we can officially welcome back Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and, maybe, Justice Forever, into our lives. Will Dave pop up from time to time? How will Hit-Girl fair being the senior partner this time around? We’ll find out this New Comics Day!

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