“Death Of Love” Might Be Your Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Philo Harris Is Going To War With Love!

Death Of Love Image Comics

Happy Valentine’s Day! Well, for those of you who like Valentine’s Day. To the rest of you…Happy Singles Awareness Day! You know how love can sometimes seem completely unfair? At this time on the calendar there’s a lot of people who feel good about love and others who believe it’s a marketing ploy. For you cynics who feel down in the dumps, what if you’re right? What if love isn’t about connection? That love is a result of a race of creatures that make the decision of who your soulmate is for you? The best question is, what would you do if you could see these creatures? You would be Philo Harris. Philo’s going to do something about it! He’s going to war and you can follow his campaign in Death of Love #1 this week!

A Valentine’s Day cannot pass without a couple of things. A frantic last minute need for a restaurant reservation you’ll donate a kidney for. Mountains of ice cream. And comics having to do with love sucking. I mean, it’s just part of the “holiday” that we have come to accept. There’s a lot of serious love stories out there but on the day itself the fun books can be the most satisfying. Here we have Justin Jordan introducing the perfect scapegoat for why people find themselves on crappy dates or by their lonesome on Valentine’s Day. They’re know as the Cupidae. And they’re the pucs who determine who falls in love with whom. It’s simple and has all sorts of brilliant possibilities. Who hasn’t wanted to take a chainsaw to the forces that control love?

Now, you can live vicariously through Philo Harris. He will wage war against love for you. Philo will bring the heavy artillery to ensure this rigged system is broken to bits. This Valentine’s Day, won’t you join him by reading Death of Love #1?

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