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It isn’t a huge toy week this week, so I figured we could talk about some toy news and toy rumors as we get closer to Toy Fair.


Deadpool Legends and Spider-Man Legends full line-ups revealed-

Fans of Hasbro Marvel Legends line have been treated to several reveals over the last few days- one of these was the reveal of the Deadpool and Spider-Man Legends series. While we knew most of the characters from the Deadpool wave already, seeing packaged pictures of these was definitely exciting. For those not in the know, here’s what you will find in Deadpool Legends Series 1- Sasquatch from Alpha Flight is the Build-A-Figure, X-Force Grey Deadpool, Deathlok, X-Force X-23, Cable, Paladin and Domino all feature parts to build Sasquatch, while a standard red Deadpool will be issued as well. I predict Domino, Cable and Deathlok will be hugely popular as well as the Merc with a Mouth himself.

Spider-Man Legends continues the web-slinger’s long running line of his friends, villains and everyone in between. Some of these figures had also been shown in the past, but having tangible final product images makes it real. Here’s who we have for this series: The Lizard is the BAF, with modern Spider-Woman, Gwenpool, Mysterio, Prowler, Lasher, Spider-Punk and Spider-Man Noir rounding out this wave.

On a related note, the first wave of Avengers: Infinity War Legends have also made it out- in Australia! I won’t discuss the full lineup here as it contains some spoilers from the film, but it is a 7 figure wave with a Build-A-Figure. Four of the figures are movie-related with one being a massive spoiler and the BAF is also a semi-spoiler. The other three figures are the previously revealed Songbird, Taskmaster and King Cobra. For Marvel Legends fans, this year is going to be an expensive one it looks like. As of right now, I have the Deadpool and Spider-Man waves on order, I have not yet been offered the Avengers wave but anticipate being able to order them at Toy Fair in a little over a week. There has also been partial reveals of Deadpool Legends Series 2, which I discussed last week and now a new Venom Legends wave- which so far has new figures of Venom and Carnage included. Ant-Man and the Wasp will also be getting toys, though no Marvel Legends have been announced as yet.


DC’s Multiverse line has basically been a reincarnation of the DC Universe Classics line from a few years back. We do have a more diverse roster of sources for Mattel to draw from including the TV shows, movies and of course the comics. The most recent waves have featured characters from Super Friends, the Supergirl TV show, and from DC’s current Rebirth era. Forthcoming figures include The Ray, Wonder Woman, Vixen, Lex Luthor and Simon Baz. Rumored figures include the following:¬†Killer Frost, Red Hood, Cyborg, Lobo, and Croc. ¬†Definitely take those rumors with a grain of salt, but with the JLA theme that Mattel seems to be running with these next few waves, these seem plausible and we’ll know for sure relatively soon. It also seems as if the media-based figures have been split into their own line, with the John Wesley Shipp Flash and Val Kilmer Batman in their own wave, with a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman also on the way.

In this week:

Hot Toys Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Outfit version should be arriving any day now, along with a small restock of the Sean Connery James Bond Big Chief figure.

SH FiguArts Movie Wonder Woman has arrived and she is a cool looking figure with the usual Tamashii Nations/Bandai styling as well as plenty of interchangeable parts.

That’s it for me this week! See you next time!


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