The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049

This book is a study in Future Noir Gorgeosity and it's available at Forbidden Planet NYC

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The hottest art book in the store this week? It’s the oversized hardcover The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049. Measuring in at over 14″ wide by 11″ high (it’s actually fractions of an inch over each dimension. I have no idea why.) and written by Tanya Lapointe, it’s a phenomenally detailed and insightful account of the making of 2017’s scif-fi blockbuster.

The original Blade Runner is my favorite of all time (sorry Empire Strikes Back- you’re a close second) and though I was disappointed by “2049” after its initial critical fanfare led me to stow my skepticism enough to keep an open mind, clear my schedule and see it opening day… the few kind words I have to say about the sequel are: it’s pretty. It’s soooo pretty. And this book is just as pretty. It also left me with a newfound understanding, if not appreciation, of certain facets of the film I must consider next time I see it.

Click a thumbnail below to enter a gallery of larger images of the book I shot on my phone. You should buy it. The book that is, not my phone.

OOOOh. And lest I forget, there are two more notable in-stock books I’d like to point out to my fellow fans. Future Noir, a revised and updated version of the definitive “making of” book for the original film, and The Movie Art of Syd Mead, whose work for the original Blade Runner film is the definition of iconic, but also the driving visual force behind a slew of influential science fiction films, including a favorite of mine- TRON.

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