The Avengers Battle On Two Lethal Fronts!

Avengers No Surrender Marvel Comics

Last week, Earth’s Mightiest gathered together in the midst of a the unexplainable: Earth was being stolen! Every squad assembled, the primary Avengers team, Uncanny Avengers, U.S. Avengers, and even Occupy Avengers. The call also went out to every inactive member of teams gone by. Yup, even Lightning got the call. Now, every face that does or did have one of those swanky ID’s with a big ol’ “A” on ’em is ganging up with the nearest squad. The biggest gun to answer the call? Why, one of the original founding members! Tony Stark? Nope! Voyager. Now, who the heck is Voyager? And what does she bring to the table for this epic sixteen part, weekly, don’t-call-it-an-event epic? We’ll start to unravel her secret history this week in Avengers #676!

Yeah, so, that’s kind of weird, right? Are we doing another Sentry-style retcon? Or Jessica Jones for that matter? Didn’t Brian Michael Bendis head to DC? Why then is the House of Ideas seemingly pulling out one of his tried and true narrative tricks? If you’ve checked out the preview pages, you’ll learn that Voyager is in fact Valerie Vector. And she’s treated as one of the founding members, yes, a founding member of those that assemble in all caps. How will her story unravel over the next fifteen chapters of this tale? Will this be the result of a Cosmic Cube? Maybe all of the heroes who’ve been “frozen” around the world before Voyager showed up will have something to reveal about the character’s origins. Or is this going to be the result of some timey-wimey retconning? Is Valerie Vector here to stay? Maybe she’ll be revealed as Valerie Richards future self? All sorts of questions are dangling in front of us now.

Avengers 676 Preview Page
Preview Page from Avengers #675. Art by Pepe Larraz

Two things are for certain: The Black Order and the Lethal Legion. Two teams of powerful villains bent on destroying each other have arrived on Earth, and they don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire. Will they have some tie to the seemingly lost Avenger? And will Jarvis survive his heroic brush with death? Too. Many. Threads! Let’s read on, shall we?

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