Val’s Toy Chest- Restocks, Marty and More

The Black Panther Marvel Legends wave hit a brief hiccup but have finally arrived on our shelves this week. There are also a few restocks worth mentioning as well.

Here’s what’s out at the Planet this week:

Black Panther Marvel Legends– Featuring characters from the forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film as well as some classic staples from the pages of Marvel, these 6 figures feature quality sculpting as well as digital scanning used to craft the likenesses of the actors appearing in the film. My top picks for this series are Nakia and Namor, though Killmonger and Black Bolt are strong figures as well.

Marvel Legends 12″ Wolverine– Hasbro is back with a new entry in their oversized toyline which is the beloved Canadian mutant with the claws. Packed with three different heads as well as interchangeable hands and shoulder plates, Logan should be a surefire hit.

Coraline– Neil Gaiman’s creation is back from NECA and is based on the 2009 film of the same name. Coraline is a bendable figure wearing a raincoat and jeans and has been sought after NECA’s original run. Now’s your chance to add one to your collection!

Star Wars– We should be getting restocks on Star Wars the Black Series Rose, Snoke, and Jaina Solo by the end of this week. Both Rose and Jaina made my personal top 10 list and Snoke has been a popular seller. Each features the usual Hasbro articulation and accessories and Star Wars is an evergreen license, so these should go relatively quickly. We have also received a new wave of 3 and 3/4″ figures with Rey, R2, Jyn Erso, DJ, Luke and Leia. The Luke and Leia figures have been moving fast and may be gone by the time you read this.

Justice League– An assortment of the basic figures are also due to arrive this week and includes Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. These are based on last year’s film and are slightly less articulated than their Multiverse counterparts. Each figure also comes with an accessory and a base.

Arrow/DC–  A small restock on my personal fave, the Laurel Lance Black Canary is due, along with the recent comic-based Cover Girls statue designed by Stanley Lau. There is also a new version of the Tweeterhead Batman 66 statue of Julie Newmar’s Catwoman expected to be out this week as well.

Hot Toys– The deluxe Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has arrived and I am also expecting the long-awaited Marty McFly from Back to the Future II to hit sometime this week. Based on the futuristic look Marty had in the film, this figure features an uncanny likeness to Michael J. Fox and should be a welcome addition to any Back to the Future fans collection.Expected in soon will be the Baby Groot figure which everyone is clamoring for.

Anyway- that’s all for me this week- see you next time!

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