Will Mister Miracle Escape His Execution?

Will Scott Free Escape His Execution? Will Big Barda Bash In Orion? Which Gods Will Survive? Any Other Questions?

Mister Miracle 6 DC Comics

If you told me a year ago that a miniseries featuring an old Jack Kirby creation forgotten by almost every casual reader would be a contender for one of the year’s best titles, I might have been…skeptical. Okay, I would’ve called you a not nice word. Or two. Or many. But that’s not the point (I have a potty mouth and insults are how we show affection in my home). The point is that Mister Miracle #6 is upon us. And this twelve-issue hit miniseries is reaching the halfway point. Which means some major stuff is about to go down. We’re in must read territory here, folks. There’s no time to lose, no trap we cannot escape because Mister Miracle needs to be read to be believed.

Scott Free returns to New Genesis to face his punishment. Punishment is another word for execution. Scott and his bludgeoning bride, Big Barda, battle their way through monsters, security guards, death traps, New Gods, to get their audience with the Highfather. But once they reach Orion’s throne room, they’ll discover that their whole world is being flipped upside down. The war with Darkseid will take a bloody turn. Whose blood will be spilt? Who will have spilt it? That, dear readers, is for us to discover together.

Tom King is proving himself to be the master of writing complex, three-dimensional, grounded relationships in the face of superheroic shenanigans. You need look no further than his stellar recent run of issues over in Batman. He’s tackled Batman and Catwoman, now adding Superman and Lois Lane to his portfolio, but there’s something special about his approach to Scott Free and Big Barda. A pair of partners who could not be more opposite and yet completely complimentary. As one wise man once said, he got voids, she got voids, together they fill voids. True love is nigh impossible to capture in art. And yet at the core of this mind-bending exploration into madness, family, tragedy, depression, loss, and hope is a central relationship involving two partners who love each other unquestioningly. They accept each other absolutely. But will this bond be able to survive what awaits on New Genesis?


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