Batman/Flash: The Button – Graphic Spotlight

Batman and Flash Track Down A Button. But It's A Special Button! Honest.

Batman Flash The Button DC Comics

DC Comics are no dummies. Next month worlds will be colliding as the characters from their iconic series, Watchmen, clash with the DC Universe proper in Doomsday Clock For Superman. To allow casual readers or trade waiters a chance to catch up on the major happenings for this historic storyline comes the release of their blockbuster mini-crossover Batman/Flash: The Button! Witness, arguably, the two best detectives from DC’s pantheon explore the mystery behind a certain blood-stained smiley button. The same button that had been embedded in the Batcave’s wall during the kickoff to their recent resurgence in DC Universe: Rebirth #1.

Team-ups are fun and these are two characters who compliment each other rather well. Especially because they’re both analytical who become obsessed with the unknown and impossible. To be fair, what we also discover in this story is that Tom King and Joshua Williamson, also compliment each other very well. And in true fashion, the mystery we think we’re going to get in fact leads to a different case kicking things off: that of a certain infamous villain associated with time and dimensional travel. It’s a tantalizing beginning that leads to bigger things.

The mystery of this eponymous button is a great maguffin. What ensues is an exploration that challenges the foundations for why two of DC’s greatest heroes put on a costume and fight crime. While you may expect massive and impressive revelations, what is most impressive about this story are the reunions we experience. If you haven’t been spoiled yet, avoid them!

DC Comics has been hot lately. Here’s a great example of why. All of the promise of this upcoming event has been building carefully and efficiently through different stories of the this DC Rebirth era. Batman/The Flash: The Button is one of the most exciting and intriguing parts of the foundation. Pick it up this week and experience the ticking of the clock for the meeting of DC’s and Watchmen’s icons start.

The explosive storyline from BATMAN #21-22 and THE FLASH #21-22

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