Sam Wilson Takes Flight In Falcon #1

Sam Wilson Gets His Wings Back And Soars In Falcon #1!

Falcon Marvel Legacy

Marvel’s Legacy continues this week and Sam Wilson is at the center of their paradigm shift. Sam Wilson has been called a winged warrior, avian Avenger, and one-time sentinel of liberty. For the last chunk of time he’s been known as Captain America. Now, after the fall of the Secret Empire, it’s time for Sam to take to the skies once more. He will be reborn and recommitted as the fighter for freedom, The Falcon. His legacy is very much at the heart of the book and will inspire his adventures in this new series on shelves this week Falcon #1.

One of the most endearing and noble qualities to Sam is his willingness to take the time to help those coming into their own. Now training his new partner, The Patriot, Sam will be challenged in a way like never before. A big bad comes threatening to send him crashing down to earth in the form of the demonic Blackheart. To craft this new series, writer Rodney Barnes, most well known for his work on the revolutionary show, “The Boondocks,” and shows Marvel’s willingness to once again go outside the traditional comics scribe. Barnes isn’t without some credits but he’s most known for his work in other areas. This has proven very successful on books like the current Black Panther series and America, will this new direction of recruiting talent continue? Or will this end up like another Man-Thing?

Marvel Legacy has taken a few knocks from fans and from me for having their new books seeming to have little change post- Secret Empire. Falcon #1 however promises to be one of the freshest points of entries for long-time and new readers. If there’s hope for the House of Ideas, this might be the brightest points. Without a doubt Sam Wilson deserves to carve out his own path moving forward, minus the baggage of the past couple of years. Here’s to his flying to brighter skies!

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