Doomsday Clock Strikes For DC Comics!

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To paraphrase “The Great One”: FINALLY, the Watchmen arrive in the DC Universe! We’ve been building to this moment in the history of comics for over a year. Ever since DC Universe: Rebirth #1 this has been a collision fans hardcore and casual have been longing to see. Every day I’ve encountered readers asking for it. For years there hasn’t been a more anticipated story. And this Wednesday, the beginning kicks off in Doomsday Clock #1. Will it live up the hype? Woah boy, the bar’s been set high. But the art we’ve seen so far just might give hope that it will be reached or maybe surpassed.

Watchmen is considered a sacred text. Many have proclaimed the collected edition to be the greatest graphic novel in the history of comics. The tale is credited as having been part of the greatest shift in the history of the medium. And for many people looking for an entry point into comics, this is the story that people read first! Now, let’s be clear, this big event from DC Comics is not the first time the world of these characters will be revisited. There were a series of prequel mini-series entitled, as a group, Before Watchmen. Now though, DC is fully integrating the iconic realm of some of the most worshipped characters with their own pantheon of heroes.

The first issue of this 12-issue maxiseries from the critically acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns, artists Gary Frank, and colorist Brad Anderson finally hits the shelves. Many claimed this is the “Break Open Glass In Case of Emergency” idea DC Comics had to usher in the current Rebirth era. Well, if you’re going to break everything let’s find out how big of a bang will be made. We’ll find out at midnight Tuesday when Forbidden Planet hosts a special midnight release! Join us and we’ll discover together if this is the end of the beginning when Doomsday Clock #1 strikes.


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