This is the Best News I Will Hear All Day

Commander Riker will have the Conn for at least one episode of the new Star Trek "TV" series.

Star Trek Discovery Jonathan Frakes Directing Riker All Access CBS

The director’s chair is normally a tall one to lumber over, but luckily Commander Riker’s proven himself up to the task for quite some time now with a diverse array of credits at the helm. Mostly directing for the small screen (NCIS, Burn Notice, The Librarians) Jonathan Frakes also has experience with the scope of Star Trek behind-the-scenes production having directed it’s best and most successful Next Gen movie First Contact.

Very encouraging indeed.

CBS can still, of course, go stuff themselves for putting the new Star Trek series behind their “All Access” paywall past the premiere episode that’ll air on broadcast TV. However, fans (even skeptical ones such as myself, who’ve been worried this project was headed for the gutter after multiple production delays) will always find a way to view them without having to shell out extra cash for such TV finery as Big Brother, the frakkin’ Big Bang Theory and whatever Kevin James nonsense they’re puking up now.

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