How Will The White Knight Rise And The Dark Knight Fall?

Batman: White Knight Approaches A Crucial Showdown. Can Jack Napier Keep His Cool? Or Is The Joke On Him? Or Us? Or You?

Batman White Knight #5 DC Comics

One of the best words to describe Batman: White Knight is confident. There are less proper words to describe it but this isn’t a T+ rated article. We’re all ages accessible in Klein’s Korner of the internet. Nonetheless, what else would you call the first issue, heck the first few pages, of this series. Jack Napier, the cured Joker, approaches a caped and cowled Batman in Batman’s Arkham cell. Sean Murphy called his shot and set the destination. From that moment on, all that mattered, and continues to matter, is how we get there. Except the route he’s leading us on as we approach the series’ fifth issue could be described with another word: Controversial.

Jack Napier for city council! It’s not an easy sell and yet we’ve seen such a rise from a vilified public figure in real life. We’ve seen masses use their voice to scream for change. Now, a convicted mass murder is asking for your vote. Gotham’s longtime protector is being painted as a menace and his actions and recent attitude aren’t helping him. Secrets are coming to the surface that will forever change the way Batman can be trusted by his city and even the people closest to him. There’s a showdown brewing, a tipping point, and we know what the results will be…

Again, how will we get there? In this issue we’re promised that Jack’s mind and body will begin to betray him. Will his cure hold? Will he return to his former insanity? Or maybe invent a new kind for himself and bride to be? Meanwhile, Batman is barely holding his team together. Batgirl, Nightwing, Commissioner Gordon, and even Alfred are either considering, in the process of, or have left him. Who will the Dark Knight turn to for clarity? The source is promised to shock us. For this story to keep us invested that’s a shocking promise is one that needs to be kept.

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