X-Men Red #1 Keeps Xavier’s Dream Alive

Jean Grey Is Back To Lead A New Team On A Mission Of Peace. But Peace Can Be Threatening To Many...

X-Men Red Marvel Comics

Another color? We’ve had blue and gold. Now, we get a new team with a new signifying color for the X-Men: Red. When we talk about “seeing red” it generally refers to blind anger. In this case, it refers to power. Power coming from a few very powerful mutants. One such mutant that can make you “see red” if she wants to is Jean Grey. Yup, the real McCoy is back in the proper Marvel Universe. After her resurrection, Jean is back and is bent on realizing a dream. It’s a dream she has inherited from Professor Charles Xavier: Mutants and humans living in peace. But peace is a powerful deterrent to some. And Jean Grey is about to go up against another returning mutant who can also make you “see red” in X-Men Red #1 out this NCBD.

Every team leader needs a team to, well, lead. And this is a fascinating group. Jean sets to recruit allies, not just mutants, but mutants with healing power and political currency. Here we see Jean Grey ask Nightcrawler, inspire Wolverine (the All-New variety), and convince Namor, among some other fan favorites I won’t spoil here. Their first mission? Address the United Nations about the rebirth of Xavier’s dream. From there, everybody’s going to see red…

Tom Taylor is a heck of a helmer for a new X-Men series. There’s no question that the Resurrxion of the X-Men franchise has been something of a mixed bag since coming on strong last year. Three of the ten titles are already canceled within the first year. And the fates of others are up in the air this summer with other events Marvel’s discussed revolving around the return of the O.G. Wolverine. Will Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar avoid the mistakes of some of their predecessors? If this first issue of X-Men Red is any indication, yes!

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