Batman Has A Horse And A Shotgun, What Can Go Wrong?

Batman Has His Big Answer, So Now He's Riding Off Somewhere. And The Robins Have To Find Out Why. By Punching Him In The Face!

Batman Tom King A Dream Of Me

First off let’s get this out of the way right now: Stop reading this if you haven’t already checked out Batman #32. If you haven’t then don’t worry, I’ll wait…No, really, go ahead, I’ve got the time or I can stall with a joke, a rant, maybe some raving, I wonder if I can get away with a limerick. Oh, are you back? Excellent. We can get on with it then shall we? And for those of you who can’t justify reading a damn good comic then be forewarned: SPOILERS AHEAD! She said, “Yes!” It took all of us going through a war to get her answer but Catwoman is going to be Mrs. Bruce Wayne (or will he step up and become Mr. Selina Kyle?) So, in Batman #33 this week what’s a vigilante trapped to his childhood trauma going to do now? Two words: road trip!

Yup, ol’ Batsy has got something on the brain that causes him to risk his future happiness. He’ll head out on a quest for what’s reported to be “renewal and redemption.” He’s going to travel on horseback with a shotgun on his hip (Batman and guns?). He’s going to get into scraps. And he’s going to be chased down by…his own family?!?! Whatsupwiththat?

The Robins (present, former, and the red kind) have no clue what the heck Bruce is getting himself into. I mean, he popped the question, poured his heart out, and now splits? It doesn’t make sense! But did I mention he’s riding a horse with a shotgun at his side? I mean, that’s enough to make me want to see what the heck’s going on. I sense a classic along the lines of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams days. Ra’s Al Gul’s got to make an appearance, right? And will there be any call back to the similar journey he made after the events of Infinite Crisis? Or did that happen in this continuity?

Either way Batman is going to do what Batman’s going to do, because he’s the GD Batman. Whether it’s the right thing or not we’ll soon find out. Plus, isn’t the bride-to-be going to be PO’d when she finds out he’s gone trippin’?


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