Thor(s) Unite For Their Legacy’s Ultimate Fight!

Thor, War Thor, And Other Thors Will Face The Beast Head On! Meanwhile, Thor's Dying. How Many Thors Are There Anyway?

Thor #700 Marvel Legacy

The beast arrives. Thors must unite. The War Thor will meet it head on. The Mighty Thor faces her gravest battle. Odinson’s fate will be in the balance, as will the fate of millions across many realms. The stakes are reaching new heights in Jason Aaron’s epic. It’s the beginning of the end. This is what’s to come in Thor #700 this week on shelves everywhere. Beware, Mangog is here!

I’m curious if anyone wants to tell their friendly neighborhood comic store sales associate how they’ve responded to the Legacy initiative by Marvel thus far. We’re in the third proper week of releases and without question we’re getting one of the most anticipated. The House of Ideas promised a return to prominence for many of its original big guns, it’s hard not to imagine Odinson being one of those, especially with a new solo film due out in a few weeks. But what’s that mean for his replacement, and some might argue his better, Jane Foster? Would Jason Aaron kill her off? Will she receive a last second Asgardian reprieve? Does she really not deserve the hammer anymore? The speculation vultures have been circling since the announcement for this issue a couple months back.

One of the things that has seemed lacking is a fresh direction for the majority of Marvel’s titles during this refresher period. Most feel like continuations of the way things have been. To be fair though, this book and this creative team has never been a sore spot for the publisher. Thor #700 might be the exception to the rule. When something truly special like this run has been comes along you don’t cut it off right as you’re reaching mile twenty-four of a marathon. And rewarding longtime readers, welcoming back old ones, and picking up new pairs of eyes is the whole point. Hopefully, this big number on the trade dress and the Hollywood buzz will help accomplish some of this goals. One thing’s damn near certain: the quality of the storytelling will almost assuredly be rewarding for every reader.

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